Global Graphics Software unveils website reflecting evolving product portfolio and market position

In this post, VP of products and services, Eric Worrall, reflects on the past three years and unveils a fresh organization to our website, in line with our evolving portolio and market position:

As we welcome the new year, we’re pleased to unveil a fresh organization of our website, reflecting our evolving product portfolio and market position. Over the past three to four years, we have witnessed significant growth and transformation, and our website is now a testament to these changes.

Our core message is now centered around ‘Smart software components for Print OEMs and Independent Service Vendors’ and symbolizes our commitment to embedding over 30 years of print expertise directly into our software. This approach streamlines the printing process for our users, who no longer need to be print experts to leverage our technology effectively. Our market focus has also sharpened, emphasizing print intelligence, RIP speed, and smart solutions. We’re also at the forefront of embracing Industry 4.0, AI, and vision systems.

Global Graphics continues to serve OEM customers, but our offerings have evolved: beyond our foundational core software development kits (SDKs), such as the trusted Harlequin RIP®, we now offer advanced components like SmartDFE™. These high-level solutions empower a new generation of OEMs to swiftly bring their digital inkjet presses to the market.

We’re excited to be a part of the Hybrid Software Group, expanding our capabilities with workflow solutions from HYBRID Software and color technology from ColorLogic GmbH. Additionally, some of our notable products, including Harlequin Direct™ and PrintFlat™, have been seamlessly integrated into the broader SmartDFE product suite.

Previously, our website developed organically, mirroring our growth. However, just before Christmas, we undertook a significant overhaul. Our goal was to cohesively and simply articulate the changes of the past three years. The result is a website that not only provides a clear and polished message about our direction but also reflects our pride in these advancements.

Designed with the customer journey in mind, the website features informative videos addressing the challenges faced by inkjet OEMs. We’ve distilled these challenges into conceptual pillars – performance, quality, control, inspection, and connectivity. This structure demystifies a complex industry, helping customers focus on specific areas more effectively.

We invite you to explore our new product content and share your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to innovate and serve the print industry.


About the author

Eric Worrall, VP of Products and Services

Eric Worrall currently leads the product management and technical services teams as well as being responsible for the product strategy, position and vision within Global Graphics Software. He has had a wide experience of key roles including senior software developer, technical support, sales and product management, and has over twenty years of market knowledge in printing, digital documents, machine vision technologies.

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