Latest release of Mako Core unveils performance boosts and customer-driven enhancements

The latest version of our software development kit, Mako Core™, was released to customers last month. The new version, Mako 7.1.0, was developed very much with customers in mind, with solutions to address customer issues and questions. We are frequently surprised and delighted by the innovation customers demonstrate when applying our technology, but we are disappointed when it doesn’t do exactly what they want or doesn’t do it quickly enough! Our regular release schedule, usually every quarter, means that a developer rarely has to wait long for a resolution to their problem, be it a code suggestion or a change to Mako itself.

This release then was focused on those issues, which included handling a peculiar feature of PDFs generated by Adobe InDesign, improved handling of missing fonts and some weird eggplant emoji behaviour.

As Mako is used to build print workflow components for Global Graphics’s SmartDFE, where performance is vital, the Mako development team have also been working on “under the hood” performance improvements in the core SDK that benefit all Mako users.

Although Python doesn’t enjoy the popularity of C++, C# or Java for Mako development, Python can be a useful way to prototype something quickly or carry out some processing that doesn’t warrant a larger-scale development. In this release we have continued to improve the Python library, adding missing APIs for stream handling, for example, backed by sample code.

Wide platform support
As with every release, Mako Version 7.1.0 supports a wide array of platforms, including iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. In this release, a Java library that includes support for Windows and Linux in a single JAR file, inspired by a customer request, is formalized as a regular feature of the Mako distribution.

I invite you to explore the enhanced features and performance boosts of Mako Version 7.1.0. Discover how Mako can elevate your printing workflows to new heights.

Happy coding with Mako 7.1.0!

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